The Tshegofatso: YouTuber, Software Developer and Black Female Entrepreneur

The Tshegofatso South African YouTuber

The Tshegofatso is a black female entrepreneur, software developer and South African YouTuber who resides in Gauteng, South Africa. She launched her YouTube Channel, which has over 7000 subscribers, in 2017 at the age of 18.

The Tshegofatso, The Content Creator

The Tshegofatso’s YouTube Channel is dedicated to her personal and professional experiences as an entrepreneur, student and online business owner. She has YouTube videos on her computer science degree, starting her online businesses, investing in cryptocurrency, side hustles and personal experiences.

The Failed Digital Marketing Agency

Born in 1999, the young YouTuber has proven herself to be a serial entrepreneur. The Tshegofatso’s interest in the online business came with the start of her first blog in 2013. On her YouTube Channel, she speaks about how she grew her blog following, resulting in her making money from collaborating with brands.

As her interest in business grew, she decided to start her first digital marketing agency in 2017, and it failed. She credits the failure of her first digital marketing agency for her growth as an online entrepreneur.

The Tshegofatso, The Serial Entrepreneur

In 2020, The Tshegofatso needed to raise funds for the final-year of her computer science studies. Using the lessons learnt from the failure of her first digital marketing agency, The Tshegofatso started The Digitals, a digital marketing agency based in South Africa.

In April 2021, she launched Scent Bucket, an online candle store. The Tshegofatso’s Scent Bucket sells decorative and glass jar candles. According to her online shop, she handcrafts her candles using soy wax.

Female Entrepreneur Quotes: Quotes From The Tshegofatso

The Tshegofatso’s advice for young entrepreneurs is as follows:

  • “Don’t keep your business a secret. That’s your baby; you should be proud of it. Put it out there and show it to the world.” – The Tshegofatso
  • “I was so scared of failure. But, failure is a part of life; learn from it and carry on.” – The Tshegofatso
  • “Sharing information does not take anything away from you. We can all win together.” – – The Tshegofatso
  • “I still have so much to learn but I love sharing information.” – The Tshegofatso


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